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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Let's make your Click-Through-Rate Fly High and reduce your Cost-Per-Click.

Keyword research

We research your high traffic keywords and other keywords that are most likely to result in business for you. We set up your campaign to maximise every penny spent with Google to generate the highest possible ROI.


We target the words and phrases that indicate a potential buyer and not just a browser. Your ads will be arranged in ad groups according to target keywords, boosting Quality Score ensuring that every Ad your potential buyer sees is relevant.

While your campaign is running, we will be carrying out a series of A/B testings to monitor which keywords and phrases are the most profitable. Consequently your campaign will become more and more efficient over time.

Analysis and Review

Central to our PPC campaigns is the conversion data which tell us which phrases and Ads are resulting in enquiries and sales. We then allocate budget according to the most profitable areas. We will always advise you how much your Ads are making for you.

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