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Your website is almost certainly losing profit. 

How do we know? Because most websites aren’t optimised. Most companies make the mistake of spending money on tools, software, and consultants that don’t fix their problems. And those same companies don’t see results from these investments because they aren’t using the right strategies or tactics for their business.

We can show you how to make more money on your website, with a
FREE 15-minute video review. Here’s what you get:

To put it plainly - we know what we’re doing when it comes to digital marketing. Here are some of the numbers behind our past successes.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in enquiries


Increase in top 3 keyword positions


Decrease in cost per conversion


Ad video views at 50% or more


Increase in transactions from organic search


Return on investment

How does the FREE review work?

When you sign up for a free website review, we’ll check out your online presence. We’ll also give you the benefit of our marketing experience (which is included with every free review) and provide you with actionable tips to increase traffic.

01 The Review

Fill out our brief questionnaire below. We need to know as much as possible about your business. We would like to know your digital marketing objectives and goals so that you can get the most out of your free review. Please don’t forget to tell us about your competitors.

02 The Test

Within three working days, we will visit your website and analyse the current performance of existing marketing assets (website, social media profiles etc). 

03 The Findings

Once complete once your website review is complete, you will receive a summary of our findings along with a customised list of specific recommendations for improvement.

The review is free of charge.
There is no further obligation to work with Fly High Media.

Here’s an example of how your free video review will look:

Adam Crawford Operations Manager, Access Skills
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“Fly High Media has been working for us for over a year, providing SEO and PPC services. We have been delighted with the service provided. Our sales revenue has consistently risen over the last year. They are thoroughly professional, understand the digital marketing space and are always available for help and advice. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Who is our free review aimed at?

Our free review is aimed at business owners who want to expand their online presence. If you have a website, the review will help increase traffic and generate more leads/sales. Here are some examples of who our free video review can benefit:

Business Owners

We work closely with many owners of SMEs. It can often benefit business owners to outsource their digital marketing instead of keeping it in-house. The reason is simple – it’s more affordable and the results are better. With the free video review, you can get an idea of our expertise and how we can help your business grow.

Ecommerce owners & managers

Whether you own or manage an ecommerce store, we can guarantee you want one thing – a bigger share of the market. With a free video review of your e-commerce store, you will be full of actionable tips to increase traffic and conversions.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers often outsource to independent agencies. We work closely with many marketing managers to help them increase traffic, leads, and sales. Our free video review is a great way to find out how we can help your business.
Rob Jeffries Digital Marketing Manager
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“We came to Fly High Media to analyse our previous incarnation of our website due to concerns of the platform we were using and how it was being implemented. Fly High Media was able to give in depth analysis that both confirmed areas of concern, whilst gave us informed breakdowns for areas of improvement ahead of our migration to a new platform. Considering the increased market strength of Amazon, we’re pleased with the results and efforts that have helped us maintain revenue throughout the remainder of 2018 for direct web traffic to our site. Whilst Fly High Media gave us the reassurances of where there were problems, we have also been able to improve and would highly recommend their services.”

Who have we worked with in the past?

Fly High Media has been in business since 2015. In that time, we have helped tons of businesses grow their online presence, from ecommerce stores to universities. We work closely with each business to provide outstanding results and excellent value for money. Here are some of the industries we’ve worked with.

Jonas UbonasCEO and Founder, Orfi Active
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“Absolutely brilliant company and SEO experts. We hired Fly High Media for consultation for our startup to help with our launch and the value they brought us was tremendous, highly recommended!”

Proof that our reviews work!

Customers always want to know if a service is going to work for them. You probably feel the same – a free video review sounds great, but how effective will it be in the long run? Well, if you listen to our advice and make the suggested changes, you will see results. Our video reviews have increased traffic, sales, and conversions for businesses all around the UK, Europe and USA.

100% increase in enquiries

When we first teamed up with Access Skills, they tasked us with increasing their organic website traffic and search visibility. With a combination of SEO and PPC ads, we increased their enquiries by over 100% in just 6 months. They are now one of the leading providers of Health and Social Care Training in the UK. 

Check out our other case studies

Faye ChaplinEvents Manager, Victoria House Hamble
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“Fly High Media have created a new website to showcase Victoria House at its best. They collated all the required information and produced a wonderful & beautiful project that we are very proud of. They also helped with new marketing material as well as building us a Facebook and Instagram page that seems to be very popular. We receive continuous feedback and updates on how well the site and pages are performing. Thank you for making our business a very popular and exciting for the future.”

What will you learn in the free review?

When you receive your free 15-minute video review, you will learn how to increase your traffic, conversions and visibility. The review will contain actionable tips on how to improve your website and digital marketing. Plus, we will show you how Fly High Media could further grow your business online.

Traffic Analysis

First, we’ll review your website, SEO and PPC ads. We will make suggestions to improve your organic traffic, paid advertising campaigns, or both. The suggestions will be tailored to your business model and goals.

Website review

We’ll then make suggestions to improve your website’s look and feel by evaluating navigation, design, usability and content. We’ll recommend changes that allow new visitors to easily find what they are looking for on your site.

Conversion analysis

Next, we’ll review your conversion funnel. We will provide actionable suggestions to increase your conversions at every stage of their journey. Conversions are everything in the world of digital marketing. You can do everything right but it’s all wasted effort if it’s not converting into sales or leads.

Visibility analysis

Lastly, we’ll review your digital presence. We will provide suggestions to maximise your visibility in search engines and social media networks. Your business can’t be found if it’s not visible online. We want all your potential customers to find you.

Cameron ThorpeHead of Comms, NGPOD Global
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"From the moment we first enquired to Fly High delivering our website, they were very professional and communication was great throughout. They kept us up to date at each milestone, and delivered the website on time and on budget."

Hear from our latest review requesters


Most businesses that get in touch are eligible for a free review. You need to meet one of the following criteria: 

  • Your business is ready for growth.
  • You’re planning to invest in a new website.
  • You have a monthly marketing budget of £2,000 or more.

If you still aren’t sure if you’re eligible for our free review, get in touch with us.

You don’t have to use our services to get a free review. The free 15-minute review will be full of actionable tips that you can put into place yourself. You can get the free review and there are no further obligations.

However, we think that the free review will prove to you that working with Fly High Media will benefit your business.

The free website review will be provided within three working days of the request.

In the free review, our experts will look at your website and social media channels. We are looking for obvious areas of improvement, so you can make the changes yourself. Here are a few of the things we will review:

  • The website copy – we’ll take a look at the words on your website and determine whether they do their job – to convince the website user to buy your product or service. We’ll also analyse whether they are optimised for Google’s algorithm.
  • The website UX – User experience (UX) relates to how easy it is to navigate around your website. We will test this by trying to find certain pages on your website. If it’s difficult, we will suggest areas for improvement. 
  • Social media engagement – We’ll take a look at your social media channels and see how engaged your audience is. Plus, we will see how well you are using your social channels to drive traffic to your website.

We don’t need access to your website or analytics for the free video review. However, if you decide to partner up with Fly High Media, we will need access to both your website and analytics. This will allow us to provide a more in-depth analysis of your SEO, UX, and more.

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