Meet Dawn Anderson – Talking Digital, Search, Current Affairs and Her Inspiring Journey

Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson is the Founder and Managing Director of Bertey, a Manchester-based boutique digital marketing agency.

In this episode, Dawn and Matt talk all about information retrieval, organic search, the education system, the effect of COVID-19 on buying behaviours, voice search and more.


0:02:51 Dawn’s secret project
0:04:22 How businesses and consumer buying habits have changed during COVID
0:07:06 Thoughts on why businesses don’t want to go online
0:07:44 Primark not adapting to digital
0:11:49 How have Google handled displaying reliable information during COVID?
0:20:49 How can Google sieve out fact from fiction from tabloids when it comes to medical queries?
0:27:16 Should tabloids journalists go through better training to ensure correct information?
0:37:35 Dawn’s SEO journey from the very beginning
0:55:44 Google SEO is not manipulation.
0:59:50 “The Best Backlink Is The Link That You Didn’t Expect To Get”
1:02:29 Lecturing at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), speaking at conferences and running a business
1:05:59 Is university worth it if you want to work in marketing?
1:19:36 What can you do to your website to help with voice search queries?
1:27:40 Actionable steps for WordPress websites to improve schema markup data
1:30:51 Will ads overtake organic results in voice search results?
1:34:33 How to meet users informational needs
1:38:37 Actionable keyword research strategies
1:41:07 What is the relationship between social and search?
1:43:18 What is the definition of information retrieval?
1:49:35 Dawn’s thoughts on the future of search


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