Marketing Tricks & Tweaks To Boost Your Sales This Halloween (2023)

Halloween pumpkin next to keyboard.

Halloween provides a huge opportunity for you as a business to scream about your products/services, so you must prepare for it!

People from all around the world love celebrating Halloween. In the UK alone, spending over the spooky season has consistently risen, reaching well over £600 million in 2022.

Mortals tend to make impulse purchases as they plan for dark and silent nights, ones broken only by the glowing features of pumpkins and the sound of the little running feet of trick-or-treaters.

This makes it a perfect chance to update your website with several marketing tricks and tweaks to appeal to those searching for the uncanny, increasing your online sales and brand visibility.  

Discover how you can effectively prepare your business for Halloween, from exorcising your content to creating hair-raising campaigns and using spellbinding search engine optimisation (SEO).

Infographic of Halloween tips to boost online sales.

Create Captivating Copy That Chills 

Black and white image of a haunted mansion.

When coming up with Halloween content ideas, be fun and creative.

Encapsulate Halloween in your marketing efforts, including blogs, landing pages, social media posts, and email campaigns. 

Don’t be afraid to use Halloween puns! Even if your products/services are unrelated to the spooky season, you can still manifest to your audience that you’re embracing the magical and mysterious, the grim and the ghoulish. Matching people’s moods will help to nurture their shopping spirit!  

Hypnotise your audience with your insightful stories, imaginatively expressing how your products/services can improve their life, particularly as the nights grow darker. 

Use real-life case studies, reviews, and testimonials to prove your expertise, but don’t forget to clinch the segment with a compelling call to action (CTA) specifically created for Halloween.

A sure way to increase sales this Halloween is by offering some of your products/services at a temporarily reduced price during the weeks leading up to the 31st of October.

Create landing pages dedicated to your Halloween offers, helping people discover your deals. 

By using a concoction of power words on a landing page, you can effectively coax your visitors to click ‘buy now‘ or ‘order today‘, which will boost your sales and help your audience have a howling good month.



Ramp up the fear factor when creating your CTAs. Create a sense of urgency, putting a timeline on your sales to generate fear of missing out (FOMO) in your audience. 

For example, you could implement a timer next to one of your Halloween deals, counting the days to Halloween and when the promotion ends. This will be sure to get your website visitors quaking in their boots!

Exorcise Dead Copy

Spooky figures in hoods holding glowing lanterns.

Don’t let old, outdated copy drag your website down this Halloween. Your audience demands fresh, relevant, and authoritative content and will look elsewhere if you don’t have it. This applies any time of the year!

Outdated advice and discontinued products/services on your website will repel your visitors, giving them vibes that you are not current, reliable, or trust-worthy – they may even think you’re no longer operating.  

Equally, time-sensitive content, such as a campaign for summer during the spooky season, will give your readers chills, but not in a good way!

Even article headings that include a date from a decade ago will frustrate your website visitors and push them to go to other websites instead. Your business might offer great products or services, but if you don’t have the content to back them up or you’re not meeting your audience’s needs, they will likely buy from your competitors instead of you.

So, drop the hocus pocus and remove content that falls under any of the above, or, even better, revive it (more on this at the end of this section)!

Reviving content will not only improve user experience (UX) but will also help with SEO.

How is SEO affected by outdated content?

Well, Google may punish your website if your content is no longer relevant or up to date, classifying it as low quality. If the search engine considers your website to have low authority, it will be more challenging to rank.

RIP to dead content!



As mentioned, revive your existing content, specifically old or dead content. Enhance articles, blogs, product pages, and more by adding better infographics, expanding the word count, and updating any statistics. Don’t forget to implement relevant keywords, too, after conducting keyword research to discover what people are searching for (more on this later!).

You should also think about reviving your marketing campaigns.

For example, since 2012, Twix has heavily promoted the left and right sides of their chocolates. Instead of ditching this idea entirely for Halloween, they adapted it to suit the spooky celebrations – “The spirits have decided. Left or right, either is a good decision.”

Dress Up Your Website And Social Media Platforms

Smiling pumpkin with flower headdress.

When putting together your Halloween marketing ideas, pick a theme to suit the ominous occasion.

Whether based around clowns, ghosts, monsters, vampires, witches, or simply autumnal magic, your theme should be appropriate to your business and target audience. 

Decide if you’re aiming your campaign at adults or children. However, if you cater your products or services to people of various ages, target specific audiences and tailor your content accordingly.

Whatever your theme, stick to it and run with it!

Things to consider when creating a Halloween theme

Pumpkin on ground wearing witch's hat.

A colour scheme 

Pick a colour that creates Halloween vibes, like Orange, black, red, purple, yellow and green. These colours are traditionally connected with Halloween; however, over recent years, other colours have entered the mix, such as pink, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Choosing a Halloween colour doesn’t mean changing your brand; instead, create Halloween-coloured banners for the important pages on your website, such as your homepage, product pages, and contact page. 

Also, create landing pages with your Halloween hues; you should dedicate these pages to your Halloween offers.


Update the photos on your website. This doesn’t have to be for your products (although you could add some spooky aesthetics to ones that are part of your Halloween promotion); you could simply upload some royalty-free Halloween-inspired photos, such as pumpkins and haunted mansions, to the most-visited pages on your website.

Also, if your employees are on board, conduct a mini Halloween photoshoot. Encourage your team to dress up in scary costumes, ideally, ones linked to your theme and chosen Halloween colours. Once you have some excellent spine-tingling shots, upload them to your website. Don’t forget to share them on your business’s social media platforms, too!


Consistency is key – use your chosen Halloween theme across all your online platforms, including your website, with the same colours, graphics, images, etc. This will help your business look more organised, professional, and omnipresent and trigger memory recall in your audience, enabling them to connect better with your brand. 

Choose Spellbinding Keywords And Hashtags

A hand writing spells in a book surrounded by candles.

Before putting together Halloween campaign ideas, research what your target audience is looking for online. 

Use tools like Google Trends to find out the popularity of topics, and use SEMrush to discover top keywords, i.e. words and phrases people type into their search engines.

Once you have a list of appropriate keywords, i.e. ones that are relevant to your business and ones that relate to Halloween, use them within your Halloween content.

For example, implement your research-backed keywords when creating new blogs and landing pages on your website.

The right keywords will help your content be seen by your target audience instead of merely being an apparition!

Also, implement your Halloween keywords into existing content where appropriate.

You can reach new audiences by updating your content with new keywords relating to Halloween, top trends, and what you offer, helping people discover your brand.

You should include keywords in your Halloween social media posts, too, increasing website visibility even further to help drive engagement.

As well as keywords, utilise hashtags. Conduct research to find the popular ones amongst your target audience and pop some of these on your posts.  

Furthermore, add spooky emojis to bring a bit of fun to your social media posts – try and align them with your chosen theme, i.e. if you’ve picked a ghost theme, then go with the ghost emoji!

If you haven’t done it already, create an account for your business on TikTok and Instagram. 

Promoting your business on TikTok and Instagram is particularly vital if your target audience mainly consists of Gen Zs. This is because these social media platforms are extremely popular amongst people born between 1996 and 2010.

So, get on TikTok and Instagram and create a coven for your brand!


Try to create your own hashtag. A trending hashtag will encourage people to share more about your brand and help build a community around it, like how a hashtag did to promote the Barbie movie

Inspirit User-Generated Content

Skulls on forest floor and hand coming out of ground.

User-generated content is a form of marketing that many modern businesses rely on to boost sales.  

So, what is user-generated content?

User-generated content (UGC) is original, brand-related content created by customers, influencers, and advocates, which they then share on social media. 

When a person creates content, such as an image, video, or review around a product they have bought and then shares it on TikTok, this is just one example of UGC.

This content is authentic, and authenticity is what buyers are looking for more and more; there are so many brands fighting to be seen online, making consumers more selective, astute, and determined to go with brands they trust.

Ultimately, UGC influences engagement, leading to higher conversion rates.

So, for Halloween 2023, incorporate UGC into your Halloween business ideas. Encourage your audience to unleash their creativity and interact with your brand. 

As mentioned, there are a lot of Halloween lovers out there just waiting to be spellbound in the run-up to Hallow’s Eve.  

Below are some examples of how you can inspirit your audience to create UGC:

  • Hold a pumpkin carving competition, encouraging people to relate their design to your brand.
  • Entice your customers to get creative and share creepy photos of any purchases they’ve made from your business. 
  • Ask your social media followers to post a 10-word spooky story to include your brand’s name.
  • Create a Halloween template for people to frame their petrifying photos.

What you can do to get your audience into a feverish excitement to create Halloween UGC is endless.


Use influencers to spread news on your brand. They will have a substantial following, which means they should already have gained their trust. 

Pick influencers with a following that matches your target audience, making any user-generated content they do for your business relevant.

Their following will become your following, too, haunting social media with your brand.

Pumpkins in a trolley.

If you find updating your website a nightmare or don’t know where to start when it comes to content marketing and creating compelling copy, we can help.

At Fly High Media, we have a dedicated team of content creation and SEO experts. We are 100% client-focused, meaning we are committed to understanding our client’s needs, enabling us to create bespoke solutions to ensure outstanding results.

Contact Fly High Media today to learn how we can improve SEO to increase your website visitors, sales, and overall conversions. 

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