‘Google My Business’ to Become ‘Google Business Profile’

Google My Business

Google has announced that they are renaming ‘Google My Business’ to ‘Google Business Profile’. The move is designed to completely reshape local SEO by extracting business profile management away from a single application and implementing it directly into Google Search and Google Maps.

This isn’t the first time Google has made a significant change to the app. Prior to ‘Google My Business’, it was known as ‘Google Places’ and going even further back it was called ‘Google+ Local’.

Additional Features

Not only has Google announced these changes, but they will also be introducing some new features alongside the name change:

– You will be able to claim and verify your Google Business Profile directly via the Google Search and Google Maps applications

– A messaging feature will be introduced within Google Search

– Message read receipts will be able to be accessed within Google Search and Google Maps

When Will the Changes be Implemented?

Whilst Google hasn’t announced a specific date, the changes are expected to be implemented sometime in 2022, and the ‘Google My Business’ app will be retired.

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James Lovick

James Lovick

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