A Day in the Life at Fly High Media with James Lovick

A day in the life of our Head of SEO

Recently we thought we’d take a look around the offices at Fly High Media, and get to know the fantastic staff behind the operation.

For our first edition of ‘A day in the life of’ we spoke to James, who is an SEO executive, to see what a day in his working life entails.

It’s 9am, how do you start the day?

I usually grab myself a coffee (black, I know, I’m mental) and then I take a look at the tasks for the day on Asana. Once I know what needs to be done for the day, I’ll start to prioritise what needs to be done and get cracking.

It’s now late morning and lunchtime nears, what have you been working on this morning?

It really varies day to day, but usually I will be deep into client work by then and I will be working through my jobs for the day.

If it’s a Friday, I will be either watching or showcasing a weekly presentation on what we’ve learned during this working week. It’s an enrichment activity we do, and we all take it in turns to present an interesting topic on something we’ve recently learned in our areas of expertise.

Lunchtime, finally! How do you spend your lunchtime?

Usually I like to try and get out for a bit, even if I don’t need to or have a lot on. I find my brain resets if I get some fresh air so if I’m staring at a screen with no ideas it can really help with that. We’re lucky to work in a nice part of the Wirral so I normally go for a walk or a drive for half an hour or so. I also try to spend 15 minutes or so reading an SEO-related article to keep myself up to date with events in the world of search.

With lunch over, it’s time to resume work. What does this afternoon have in store for you?

By now most – if not all – of the prioritised tasks for the day have been done, so I will aim to finish whatever is left that needs to be done for the clients. If there are any internal marketing tasks to do then I will always work on those tasks in the afternoon as well.

What topics do you chat and connect with colleagues over?

Usually we talk about any recent events that have happened in digital marketing. So, for example, if a new Google algorithm update has been announced, that would be a big topic of discussion. We don’t always talk shop though, we love to have some banter, and we all have a sense of humour which is great. It really makes the days even better than what they would be to begin with!

Truthfully, have you enjoyed your time at Fly High Media thus far?

100%. I can’t begin to put into words how much I appreciate working in such a brilliant environment where you can learn so much so quickly, and not to mention I am surrounded by a fantastic team who would do anything for each other to help them succeed. I am very fortunate and my heart and head both tell me this is the right place to be.

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