what is instagram shop?

Instagram Launch a New Account to Promote Small Businesses


Another Step in Enhancing Users’ Shopping Experience

After Instagram introduced their shoppable feature in the US in 2016, brands were given the opportunity to sell on the platform with a one-tap experience. They later launched this feature to the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain in 2018.

Now, the platform has launched a new account, @shop, supporting small businesses that utilise the shoppable feature. After one day, the account already has 30.3k followers with several brands featured such as @feeljeans, @cafune.official and @glossier.

what is instagram shop
An Instagram representative told HuffPost that brands do not have to pay to be featured on this page and that it is “100% community trends-driven.” This showcases an opportunity for brands to organically increase their exposure and sales.

Since 2016, Instagram has introduced numerous features to amplify users’ shopping experience. Altogether, they now have shoppable posts, shoppable stories and now a dedicated shop page.

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Bishir Sulaiman

Bishir Sulaiman

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