How Much Will Social Media Services Cost in 2018?

How Much Will Social Media Services Cost in 2018?

We all want the most for our money. However, the expression “you get what you pay for” is very true in the digital marketing industry.

In this blog, we will talk about our process of starting social media marketing for your business.  We will tell you about the different services available; what they are, what you get and finally how much they cost.

Firstly, let’s talk about our process

Step 1: Discovery

We normally have a phone call/Skype with a potential client of around 20 – 30 minutes to find out more about their business.  We ask them lots of in-depth questions to find out their goals and decide whether we are a good fit for their business.  To be honest, we simply cannot work with every business that contacts us.  Therefore, we have to be very selective about who we work with.  We want to make our clients lots of money and we can only do that if they have the right level of budget to invest in social media marketing.  Yes, social media marketing is an investment, not an expense, which when done correctly yields increased returns for the business.  Obviously the higher the investment in social media marketing the greater the returns.

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Step 2: Consultation Process

At this stage, we prepare a presentation based on our discovery call which outlines our detailed social media marketing strategy for the client.  We like to make the presentation face-to-face, however if this isn’t possible then we can screen share on Skype.  The presentation provides clarity about our approach and an opportunity for the client to input to the strategy.  We then create a final social media marketing strategy ready for sign off by the client.

Step 3: Setup

We build and optimise our client’s social media channels to make sure they stand out from the crowd and can be found easily on the internet. This includes design and completion of all social media profiles. If needed, we can do some website on-page SEO and advise on the user experience to ensure the website is optimised for conversions.  We will also research and implement paid marketing campaigns.

Step 4: Monthly Management

Whether it is a paid or an organic marketing strategy, we report back to our clients on a monthly basis.  This provides an opportunity for review and if there any tweaks that need to be made, we can change things. What makes us unique is that our clients get unlimited phone/email support each month, providing peace of mind that the marketing budget is in good hands.

Let’s run through the different services:

Social Media Management (Organic)

Social media management is usually executed through organic (natural growth) means. There may be the occasional paid boost for a post, but for the most part, it is about nurturing the existing fan base, encouraging them to share content, building profile and brand recognition.

What’s included in a social media management package?

  • Community management (replying to messages, comments and reviews)
  • Building a content calendar
  • On-going strategy reviews
  • Content creation
  • Photography/Video
  • Page setup and optimisation
  • Basic ad management
  • Competition/event promotions
  • Monthly reporting


From £995/pcm (design and setup of profiles included)

The price varies depending on the client’s needs.  Different businesses need different platforms and different posting frequencies. The content creation may also vary a lot, based on the overall objectives. If there is any small ad spend then this is also a factor, which can be added to the fee.

Social Media Advertising (Paid)

With social media advertising, the client is buying traffic/visitors to their page or website. Its results are fairly predictable and the sources of the sales are trackable.  Paid advertising is primarily used for reaching a targeted audience outside the business’s existing fan base.  A paid advertising campaign enables potential customers to be retargeted numerous times, increasing conversion levels.

What’s included in a social media advertising package?

  • Audience research
  • Full ad setup/management
  • Optimising Campaigns
  • A/B split testing
  • Copywriting/Content creation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Monthly reporting


Pricing is split into three parts.  The first part is the setup fee, this is making sure that the ad account is ready and the target audience has been identified for the different Ad sets. This also includes setting up the first campaign. The second part is content creation, this is an integral part to any paid campaign.  Every campaign needs good quality images/text, so this needs to be taken into consideration.  The third part is for Management fees – these are on-going fees that ensure the client is getting a return on their investment.  This includes A/B split testing, retargeting campaigns and much more.

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If you pay cheap you pay twice (The warning)

As with any service, if an agency charges a low price then the chances are you will get a low level of service.  When we say cheap service, we mean £500 or less a month. At Fly High Media, we provide a premium quality service but for only a limited number of clients.  We build custom packages to suit their business needs and provide a great follow up service.  All our clients have a personal account manager who is readily available, responsive and will report back each month.

If you are paying for a cheap fixed social media package, then the best you can expect is a standard package and at worst you are probably simply throwing your money away. The package is unlikely to be what your business needs to generate traffic and grow your business.


With the rate of social media usage growing, your business cannot afford to have ineffective social media marketing.  If your social media marketing isn’t making you more money than you are investing, then you (or your agency) are doing something wrong.  Social media advertising is the best way to reach a targeted, responsive audience, but you need experienced social media marketers to achieve your goals which will ultimately more sales for your business.

To kick-start your social media journey in 2018, book a free, discovery call with Fly High Media. Do it NOW and increase your sales in 2018.

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