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Fly High Media are delighted to announce the appointment of James Lovick as SEO Executive.

James brings to Fly High Media a wealth of SEO marketing experience. Since graduating from Nottingham Trent University in 2016 with a degree in Media Practice he has worked for a number of companies managing their digital marketing strategies.

James will be working with some of Fly High Media’s biggest B2C and B2B clients and will be a key contact for anything related to search engine optimisation, organic traffic and link building.

On his first day at Fly High Media, we took the time to ask him a few questions, to get to know him better.

What areas of SEO do you specialise in?

I have a range of experience of everything relating to organic search. My passion in this field has led me to study diligently and work commercially with many exciting projects that have involved:

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for making an impact and changing things in the world around me. SEO is the perfect environment to do this, as your techniques can genuinely shape a business.

Since I started working with Search Engine Optimisation, I have had a significant impact on the businesses I’ve worked with. SEO can create a huge drive towards success and I find that incredibly rewarding.

What will your role consist of?

I am going to focus on successfully delivering client SEO strategies to help businesses achieve their goals.

We also have huge plans for Fly High Media’s own SEO and content marketing strategy so this will be another significant part of my job.

What are you looking forward to working on the most?

Every client has exciting projects to get stuck into. Being from a predominantly B2B background, I would say the prospect of working with B2C clients excites me as there is a different dynamic to this type of SEO marketing. I always love a challenge.

I am also really excited about the opportunity to drive organic traffic to each of our client’s websites and many of them are in a position to go on an upward trajectory. I am excited by the prospect of making a big impact on these businesses.

Let’s tell the world a bit more about you. What do you get up to in your spare time?

I try to study the industry and SEO Marketing as much as possible, even when I’m at home. However, I do also have other interests in my spare time.

I am not going to lie, I am a massive geek for sci-fi and fantasy films such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I’m also a big TV buff too, as I’m Cheshire’s number 1 Breaking Bad fanboy!

On top of that, I’m also a huge supporter of Liverpool FC and I’m beginning to grow an interest in basketball. I know our Managing Director will be happy with that as Fly High Media is a sponsor of the Cheshire Phoenix Basketball Team.

Away from that, I love to spend time with my girlfriend, as well as our dog and cat. I also spend time with my family and friends as much as I can.

What’s your party trick?

Unfortunately, it’s a bit gross. I can click both of my wrists at the same time, but since I don’t want to scare any potential clients away, I will not be demonstrating this!

What would your death row meal consist of?

Easy. Medium rare steak, chunky fries and peppercorn sauce with a glass of Belgian beer.

What should people do if they need help with SEO?

Fly High Media’s success is built on helping its clients to grow. If you would like to drive more organic traffic to your website, just get in touch with us. You can either complete the enquiry form below, email us at or phone on 0151 528 9502 or 0161 818 4645.

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