Meet our New Client Account Manager

meet our new client account manager

Fly High Media are delighted to announce the appointment of Denis Brzozowski as their new Client Account Manager.

As an experienced digital marketer, Denis brings a wealth of experience and an affinity for campaign management and client communication to Fly High Media.

During Denis’ first week at Fly High Media, we took the time to ask him a few questions, to get to know him better.

To begin, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a passionate digital marketer, with experience in the design and web development industry. I love football, and I love comms & marketing.

I would describe myself as a well-organised person. I live by Alan Lakein’s quote “failing to plan is planning to fail”. That’s where I feel my skill set will come invaluable to Fly High Media.

What will your role consist of?

My role will largely consist of communicating with our team, and making sure that all client work is delivered on time. As well as resolving any queries clients may have – I will be the glue in between our hardworking team and the clients we aim to serve as best as we can.

People can also come to me for embarrassing Dad jokes, I’ve been told I’m full of those, as well.

What are you looking forward to working on the most?

I look forward to collaborating with the rest of the team the most. I love finding out what motivates people, how they work, and how I can bring out the best and help others in a common goal of serving the client. I love being able to take a brief and take it right the way through to seeing the end results, by planning a strategy, helping the internal team achieve their goals, meanwhile keeping the client happy.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I love to read books. I aim to read a book a week in my spare time. I’m not a fan of fiction, though, in fact, aside from the necessary stuff you had to go through in school for your GCSE’s, I don’t think I’ve ever actually picked up a fiction book. I love reading about people’s stories, theories, and memoirs of business-founders and executives.

The three most recent books I’ve read were: Leading by Sir Alex Ferguson – an excellent story of how one man became the soul of a whole football corporation; Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – a rollercoaster of a memoir written by the founder of Nike, and a tell-all story of how an avid, but troubled runner, led a team of people to a fortune 500 company; and Start With Why by Simon Sinek – an eye-opening theory on what motivates people, and how they can go from strangers to followers in any aspect of life.

When I’m not sitting listening to Jazz, having a glass of red wine and reading a book, I like to play FIFA. I’m an avid Career Mode player (if you know, you know). I’m not interested in competing against strangers online – I want to take Portsmouth to Champions League glory in 6 seasons (someone has to).

What’s your party trick?

I can juggle. But unfortunately, I work remotely – so the team will never be graced with witnessing this magnificent display of talent.

What would your death row meal consist of?

A cheeseboard, selection of cured meats, crackers, fried halloumi and red pepper hummus. Oh and a glass of red primitivo. Actually, if it’s a death row meal, make it a bottle…

What should people do if they need help with their digital marketing strategy?

Fly High Media’s success is built on helping its clients to grow. If you would like to generate more business online through your website, just get in touch with us. You can either complete the enquiry form below, email us at or phone on 0151 528 9502.

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