Becoming Influential on Social Media with Ash Jones

meet ash jones

Ash Jones is the Founder of Great influence and works with some of the UK’s leading Founders and CEOs. Ash’s speciality is helping industry-leaders tell their story online to become influential on social media.

He was on the founding team of Social Chain and you may have seen some of his work as he has been at the forefront of working with CEOs & Founders of companies such as; Huel, PrettyLittleThing and Myprotein.


00:12:10 – What it takes to grow an audience from zero
00:23:20 – Ash’s definition of personal branding
00:26:03 – First stages of growing a personal brand
00:29:37 – Content creation process
00:33:57 – Creating content and taking it to the next level
00:45:49 – TikTok and B2B marketing
00:48:10 – Viral Dog
00:52:41 – You cannot predict going viral
00:56:45 – Actionable steps

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