How Do Luxury Brands Promote Christmas?

Most high-end designer brands have a similar target demographic; affluent, financially secure adults who seek exclusivity and prestige.

In this blog, we’ll look at the Christmas campaigns of four renowned designers – Gucci, Prada, Valentino, and Jacquemus.

Each campaign offers a unique perspective on the festive season, blending opulence, creativity, and a touch of holiday magic.

Gucci’s “Gucci Gift”

Gucci sets the tone for the season with a focus on joy, family, and the art of gifting luxury. The campaign invites viewers to embrace togetherness and celebrate the warmth of the holiday season.


They have shared photos from the campaign on their Instagram, with captions highlighting the importance of togetherness at Christmas time: “Friends that mean family. Celebrating togetherness with Gucci Gift” and “Laughter louder than music.”

By emphasising moments of joy and the spirit of giving, Gucci taps into the audience’s desire for connection and luxury during this special time of year.

Prada’s Privatesphere

Prada takes us on an enchanting journey with its Holiday 2023 campaign.

The brand introduces a fantasy world where stars like Maya Hawke and Damson Idris are seated in glistening baubles, serving as metaphorical vehicles to navigate individual imaginary destinations.


Combining the historic Prada boutique with a sense of the future creates a visually stunning campaign that merges the past and the future, memory and expectation, perfectly aligning with the imagination that Christmas holds.

Valentino’s Festive Collaboration

Maison Valentino partners with luxury department store Harrods, transforming their nine-metre tall Christmas tree into a spectacle of Valentino Pink adornments and decorations.


The collection campaign, featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, showcases friends celebrating the holiday season in iconic locations like the Place Vendôme. The brand brings a touch of glamour to the holiday season.

Jacquemus’ “Guirlande”

Jacquemus introduces a playful and slightly nostalgic campaign titled “GUIRLANDE” (garland).

Featuring Kendall Jenner in festive attire, the campaign highlights the joy of getting dressed up during the festive season.

©jacquemus/ instagram

Despite subtle reminders of pandemic Christmases spent in lockdown, Jacquemus excels at showcasing their Christmassy spin on signature accessories and silhouettes, creating a visually appealing and relatable narrative.


Each high-end designer Christmas campaign has its own charm and unique approach to the holiday season.

Gucci focuses on the warmth of togetherness and the joy of gifting luxury, Prada enchants with an impossible voyage through a fantasy world, Valentino collaborates for a festive transformation at Harrods, and Jacquemus adds a playful and slightly nostalgic touch to the season.

As these high-end designers unveil their interpretations of luxury for the holidays, the effectiveness of each campaign hinges on its ability to resonate with a discerning audience that values exclusivity, sophistication, and prestige synonymous with luxury.

This holiday season, luxury takes centre stage, creating an exclusive experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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