Google is Trialling More Discount Features!

google discount codes

Since 28th November, Google has been testing more updates to its SERPs to display coupon codes, discounts and deals via the Merchant Centre.

In an attempt to compete with affiliate websites, Google announced several new features to implement discounts into SERPs and Chrome. This is likely to affect the well-known affiliate site, Honey.

Let’s break this down into what it all means.

What is the Discount Code Update from Google?

Most search results only display 3 components – a title tag, a meta description and a URL. However, Rich Results is an enhanced version of this; displaying more information relating to the website.

This could be the star rating, product price, and, sometime shortly; coupon codes!

Coupon codes could soon be added to the rich snippet toolbelt. The snippet should show what the discount is, along with the relevant coupon code. See the below screenshot:

image of coupon codes in search brodieclark


When the discount-rich result is added, it shows a blue price tag to the left, along with the coupon code and deals from the business.

It is important to note that this may also show without the coupon code.

What Might this Move Mean for Smaller Brands?

Smaller brands, who don’t necessarily offer coupon codes, will take a hit, as fewer users will shop with them if they do not display their current deals.

In addition, small businesses will have to spend more on marketing to keep up with the well-known brands in their sector.

What Might this Move from Google Mean for Users?

Quite simply, more money can be saved on online purchases.

In a time when the cost of living crisis is having a real impact, even the smallest amounts of money saved can be a real lifeline. 

We might also shop online more, rather than walking into a store if coupons are displayed!

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