Google Announces Further Partnership with Reddit

Google Reddit Partnership

Google has announced a deal with Reddit that enables Google access to real-time content so that Google can show more content from the website within search results.

The deal means that Reddit will get more visibility across all Google products.

The access Google will have to Reddit will also enable Google language models to understand human conversations and writing styles, which could result in helping Google detect AI-generated content.

This could affect many websites using AI content, and how content is understood by Google and ranked within search results.

However, the partnership doesn’t just benefit Google, as Reddit will gain access to Google’s Vertex platform to improve search and to create other “capabilities”. These capabilities have yet to be announced, so watch this space for further news.

The rise of Reddit

You may have noticed the rise of Reddit in recent months within search results, which has resulted in some websites losing featured snippets to Reddit discussions instead.

The recent announcement of a partnership has caused a lot of trouble for SEOs. With this new development, it is now a matter of hope that a Reddit discussion doesn’t focus on the same keywords that you are targeting and already have a featured snippet for.

However, Google should still be taking into account the usefulness of the content before ranking it within search results, so fingers crossed that this new partnership avoids giving Reddit content ranking priority.

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