Google introduces AI and ‘Perspectives’ to enhance search at Google I/O 2023

Google I/O revealed new advancements in Search, including ‘Perspectives’ integration and generative AI, aimed at transforming information discovery and deepening understanding.

Revolutionary AI generation

Google has introduced a new approach to search queries called Search Generative Experience (SGE), powered by generative AI. SGE simplifies complex search tasks by providing key information snapshots linked to deeper resources. 

This technology enables detailed question answering, such as comparing national parks for a family with children and a dog, by suggesting relevant details and further exploration. 

Additionally, SGE enhances the online shopping experience by delivering up-to-date product information, including reviews, ratings, prices, and images from Google’s Shopping Graph, which contains over 35 billion product listings. 

To ensure quality and reliability, Google has set up safeguards by limiting the types of queries for SGE. This feature is currently available in Search Labs on Chrome desktop and the Google App for Android and iOS users in the U.S., with an English-only interface at launch.

Search gets more varied with ‘Perspectives.’

Google is introducing the ‘Perspectives’ feature to complement its generative AI technology.

In search results, this new tool will showcase long-form videos, images, and written posts from discussion boards, Q&A sites, and social media platforms. 

It aims to give users a more human touch to digital information by offering diverse perspectives and experiences on various topics. 

For example, if a user searches for advice on making friends in a new city, the ‘Perspectives’ filter would display results containing personal stories and tips from different online sources.

Google highlights that ‘Perspectives’ will improve review content quality in search results by prioritising first-hand experiences or content created by individuals with deep knowledge of a subject.

Update To The Helpful Content Ranking System

Google is enhancing its helpful content system to recognise personal and expert perspectives better, enabling the discovery of more valuable information on Search. 

These updates, driven by AI advancements, mark a significant stride in search engine technology, fusing AI-powered insights with various human viewpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google I/O is an annual developer conference organised by Google unites developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts from around the world to learn about the latest developments in Google technologies, products, and services.

During the conference, Google hosts keynote speeches, sessions, and workshops covering various topics, including Google Search, Android and Chrome OS, Google Assistant, machine learning, Google Cloud Platform, and more. Attendees have the opportunity to meet and network with Google developers and product teams, as well as to explore new technologies and products through interactive demos and exhibits.

Google I/O has become an important event for developers and businesses who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry. It also serves as a platform for Google to announce new products, features, and updates and showcase its vision for the future of technology.

It is too early to tell what changes SEOs will have to make to adapt, but it will be significant. AI can analyse data faster than humans, so it will not be long until it becomes a core part of SEO strategies.

One likely thing is SEOs will have to tailor on-page content to keep up with the AI. This will mean utilising keywords with the highest search volume in a new tool such as Perspective, to ensure that the AI will generate your content towards the top of results.

Currently, there is no official global launch date announced for these new tools from Google. However, as soon as a launch date is announced, we will inform our readers immediately. What we do know is this is first available for U.S English Google users.

Google announced additional AI-driven features for their other products and services. Other updates that are coming soon include:

New AI features for Gmail

Machine learning will help automate email replies using the new ‘Help Me Write’ feature, adding relevant information within the text. Users can switch the reply to be elaborate or simple, depending on the context of the email chain.

Updates to Maps and Photos

The new ‘Immersive View For Routes’ feature will be available for Google Maps users later this year, allowing them to generate a 3D simulation of their desired route. This will also allow users to view AI-generated landmarks and scenery along the route. Google Photo users can use the new ‘Magic Editor’ feature, an AI-powered version of the ‘Magic Eraser’ tool. This provides an automated way to remove certain elements without compromising the image.

Google Bard

To compete with ChatGPT, Google has announced more about their new ‘Bard’ tool. This is now available and populates AI-generated images following a new partnership with Adobe. Users can also generate spreadsheets via the feature based on specific your specific criteria.

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