2,174,825 Additional Impressions Achieved

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What we did

  • 1,084,615 people reached
  • 2,174,825 impressions
  • 5,779 unique website visitors


The client procure, manage and deliver services in partnership with commissioners and the community pharmacy network across the UK.

When the Government rolled out Lateral Flow Testing in 2021, the client needed to get the message out quickly to as many people as possible across The Midlands. The aim of the campaign was to generate as many bookings either online or generate footfall to local pharmacies.

We were also tasked with expressing the importance of reporting tests after they have been taken.

Due to the severity of the pandemic, we had to be extra cautious when running campaigns. We had to first take into account the most up-to-date Government guidelines, and then we had to create adverts that aligned with Facebook’s Advertising policies.

We ran multiple Brand Awareness, Traffic and Engagement campaigns to test the best method to generate the most bookings for Lateral Flow Tests in The Midlands.

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