57.90% Increase in Keywords on Page 1

SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click)

What we did

Our focus for the website was on the Organic and Paid Advertising channels to increase traffic and conversions.

Organic Search

  • 17.16% Increase in Organic Traffic YoY
  • 153.95% Increase in Organic Conversions YoY
  • 57.90% Increase in Keywords Ranking on Page 1 of Google YoY


The Brief

A national debt insolvency practice tasked us with generating more leads through their website, which are key to sustaining business growth. We established KPIs for the number of leads, opportunities and closed cases with the client, allowing us to reverse engineer 


Organic Search

What We Did

In the last 12 months, we have: 

  • Completely changed and restructured the on-site navigation and menu bar by creating new landing pages and also optimising existing pages by adding it to the navigation
  • Optimised the website for mobile and tablet view
  • Increased the site speed via image and code compression
  • Implemented schema (structured data) on pages that would benefit from it e.g. the FAQ page (this was to help boost keywords in Google’s featured snippets)
  • Fixed contact form issues, and implemented contact forms on all landing pages and blog posts to increase conversions
  • Implemented meta titles and descriptions on pages that were missing them, or had duplicates
  • Increased the number of internal links to relevant pages
  • Eradicated as many orphaned pages as possible by increasing the number of internal links pointing towards them

Competitor analysis was conducted to identify who the main competitors are, and how our client can benefit from the potential search traffic available every month. It was then up to us to devise a strategy and implement it over the next 12 months, in order to rank the website as high as possible, and portray information on debt insolvency options from a position of authority within the industry, and develop a sense of understanding with the target audience, on what can be a very sensitive issue.

We developed a rigorous and strategic content plan to execute over a period of 12 months, which included topical blog articles, extensive guides and pillar content. Because of the sensitive nature of the type of information and guidance that can be shared about personal finance to the general public, we worked closely with the client to establish a level of understanding and factuality within our work, to ensure all content which we publish conforms to the standards of the Financial Conduct Authority, and ensures that it’s not misconstrued as financial advice.

We have also researched, planned and written extensive content for specific landing pages, giving free information about debt insolvency options, best practice, and other industry-specific topics. We did this by conducting thorough competitor and market research and ensured the information and word count for the client was far more coherent and helpful than any of the competition. For each landing page we:

  • Increased the total word count for all pages by 12,000  
  • Through thorough keyword and competitor research, we created detailed informative points about debt solutions that were available
  • We also created detailed FAQs and implemented FAQ schema on each page to ensure they would rank in Google’s featured snippets
  • Finally, we implemented attractive meta titles and descriptions to increase the CTR for each landing page. 

The Results

  • Organic traffic witnessed an impressive growth of 17.16%.
  • Organic conversions soared by a remarkable 153.95%.
  • The number of keywords ranking on the first page of Google experienced a substantial increase of 57.90%.

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