Emojis, stickers, or emoticons are fun, tiny images that are used to express someone’s emotions and a variety of activities.  They can be more accurate than words, and transcend language barriers.  For example, a smiley face is universal, and now there are hundreds of emojis allowing everyone to communicate across borders.  They present a fundamental shift in how we communicate with each other online.

Emojis represent the future of marketing: expressing emotion, which builds trust: exactly what marketers aim for!  They are trendy, and nearly every millennial now uses emojis in their texts, tweets, posts and more.   And because millennials are such an important demographic, your businesses needs to use emojis in its social media marketing communications.

Here are 9 tips to keep in mind when using emojis in your social media marketing.

1.Start small, by doing a test run in a low-risk environment to see how well your target audience responds to emojis. Sprinkle a couple into your social media messages.

2. Keep your emojis relevant and purposeful to the audience you are addressing.

3. Message clarity is important, don’t overuse them, adopt a more discerning approach for greater impact.

4. Get to know your audience and their own emojis of choice. Featuring these in your future messages can help you attract their attention.

5. Use friendly and fun, not sad or angry emojis. Research shows positive emojis are much more popular than negative depictions.

6. Double check the meaning of the emojis before using them to avoid accidental embarrassment. Most emojis clearly represent the sentiment they’re meant to convey, a handful are commonly used in pop culture to signify ideas that aren’t meant for all audiences.

7. Remember that emojis are not the message, they should add value and enhance your marketing message.

8. Be concise, use them to create simple but effective messages.

9. Make people laugh with your use of emoji to elicit a joyful emotion.


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