7 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Built on WordPress

7 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Built on WordPress

Here at Fly High Media, we love WordPress. Our website is built on WordPress and we build all of our client’s websites on WordPress. Some big-name websites that run on WordPress include:

TechCrunch – www.techcrunch.com 

BBC America – www.bbcamerica.com

Metro – www.metro.co.uk

Sony Music – www.sonymusic.com

And a lot more! More than you think. With the following reasons, you will not struggle to see why it is loved and trusted by so many people from solotrepreneurs to big brands such as Sony Music.

Ease of Use

WordPress’ interface is very intuitive and easy to learn and use. Adding pages, blog posts and media on a regular basis can be done very quickly. Formatting content is also easy, inserting images into posts, for example, is a breeze saving you lots of time.

Add Multiple Users

As your website grows you can easily add extra users to the website with different permissions. You are an administrator by default and you have full access to changing everything and assigning new users.

The next user role is an Editor, they can manage and publish posts. Traditionally, editors review posts that have been submitted by contributors. Editors usually review all of the posts made by anyone below them. This role is great for when you have multiple people contributing to a website.

Authors can publish their own posts whenever they want without needing to have it approved by an Editor or an Administrator. This role is good for Heads of departments, Topical Correspondents or anyone who is as trusted as you are.

Contributors can write posts but they cannot post them until an Editor or Administrator has approved them. The Contributors role is ideal when you have lots of bloggers writing for you or freelancers working for your business.

A Subscriber has very little functionality, they can only comment on posts and edit their own profile. Someone may be a subscriber when they are on your mailing list or subscribe to your RSS feed.

Manage Your Website from Any Computer with The Internet

WordPress is browser-based so wherever you are you can make changes to your website. Whether that is writing and posting a blog on the go or you are out of the country and need to make a slight website tweak, it is no problem. The WordPress backend is very mobile friendly so you can work from your Smartphone or Tablet.

Little/No Coding Knowledge Needed

Unlike building a website from scratch on Adobe Dreamweaver for example, WordPress is a self-contained system and you do not need to learn HTML to have a great looking website. When creating a new page or blog post, formatting text, uploading documents, video files, image galleries, uploading images (and editing them) etc. you will not need the additional HTML or FTP software.

Endless Functionality Possibilities with Plugins

Whether you want to add social media functionality, security features or SEO tools, WordPress has thousands of Free and Paid plugins to get your website to do exactly what you want it to do.

Built-in Blog

Blogs are built into every WordPress website, which is an important feature for any business in the 21st Century. It can not only help with your SEO but it can help you with building your email marketing list. If the blogs are presented on a well-made blog then it is almost guaranteed to spark interest.

Search Engines Love WordPress

The way that WordPress is coded is very clean and simple which makes it very easy for search engines to index web pages. As we mentioned previously, the SEO plugins you can use also make it very easy to edit Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, ALT Tags and more.

What next?

Although you can create your own WordPress website, Fly High Media specialises in larger, more complex websites suitable when you want to make a big impression. We take your brief with your specific needs and create a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but solidly built with great functionality. We recommend that you host the website with us for the best website speed possible. We also recommend that you leave us to maintain your website so that you don’t have to spend time dealing with any problems. We cover security, backups, theme updates, admin updates, general updates and more.

Imagine never having a headache with your website ever again. Contact us today.

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