25 Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Tips to improve your websites


You’re generating a good number of visitors to your website, but visitors aren’t converting to paying customers. Don’t worry it’s the same for most websites, we have provided below a number of techniques and tips you can try in order to improve your site.


1. Create custom landing pages for different user types, based on their search terms and different traffic sources.

2. Don’t direct ad traffic to your home page. This traffic should land on a page which correlates with your custom PPC campaigns, it brings them closer to conversion.

3. Use a heatmap tracking system to visualise precisely where your visitors are clicking.

4. Use reverse IP tracking software to identify your visitors so you can reach out immediately.


5. Avoid stock images which make your site look inauthentic. Good quality, real photos instil confidence.

6. Give a 360° view of your products and let users zoom in to see the detail.

7. Show images of your product in use. Let the visitor imagine themselves using it too.

8. Include a miniature thumbnail image in your shopping cart. It reminds the customer what they are buying and reduces the risk of shopping cart abandonment.


9. Don’t over complicate your website, stick to a standard feature, for example, a logo in the upper left corner of your site and search box in the upper right.

10. Make headings, clear and concise so your visitors understand what your product or service is immediately.

11. Break up long chunks of text, your visitors don’t read your web pages they skim and scan.

12. Promote your social profiles and contact details in your footer.


13. Use a responsive website design.

14. Have a single call to action and make it stand out.

15. Use a neutral palette with small amounts of colour to create a clean elegant aesthetic

16. Make “Submit” button change colour, gradient or opacity. The more appealing the button, the more clicks it generates.


17. Use the second person in the content text, i.e. emphasise “Your/you”, not “We/our”

18. Avoid jargon and over long sentences.

19. Include a video, it will help to convince visitors to buy the product.

User Experience

20. Keep all journeys short and sweet, if a visitor can’t find what they are looking for in 3 or less clicks then the journey is too long.

21. Forget registrations to make a purchase, it’s a stumbling block that reduces conversions.

22. Make your site searchable

General tips

23. Sell a solution, not a feature. Customers want to know how your product or service is going to help solve their problem.

24. Spread out your testimonials in relevant places across your website.

25. Emphasise authenticity by placing the logos of your prominent customers on your home page, together with awards you have won and publications you have featured in.

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