About Us

We believe that there is a demand for a results-driven and transparent digital marketing agency which works hard at growing businesses. 

Our Mission

As a digital marketing agency, it is our job to identify your potential, any areas for improvement and communicate a solution that will deliver results.

We do not believe in providing generic “all-in-one” packages, our skills involve researching your current marketing strategies and industry and providing bespoke solutions for you. We want you to receive the most for your marketing budget so we only put time, effort and resources into tools that we know will get you measurable results.

Our Story

Fly High Media was founded in 2015 in the heart of Manchester by Managing Director – Matt Pyke.  Initially, Fly High Media started as a website and graphic design agency. Over time, we grew and branched out our skills, knowledge and services due to the demand of our clients. Search Engine Optimisation and Facebook Advertising Campaigns were the two key areas in which Fly High Media were able to provide the most value to clients, and bring the best results to their businesses.

In late 2018, Fly High Media encountered another stage of big-scale growth, and as a result, Fly High Media acquired a fellow UK-based creative agency founded in 2016 by current COO, Denis Brzozowski, which focuses on web development, branding and creative design. This change has allowed us to provide even more expert value and knowledge to our clients, coupling both the analytical and creative sides of our expertise, which enables new levels of growth for our clients and therefore becoming an unbeatable force in the digital marketing landscape.

By early 2019, Fly High Media is proud to have its headquarters in Cheshire, with 3 additional offices covering the major areas of the UK: Manchester, London and Portsmouth.

Our Values



We value the ever-changing landscape of the digital marketing space and aim to educate our market and offer value in the areas where we hold the most expertise.


We value the transparent and clear communication between ourselves, our clients, and our community.


We value performance driven by results. Tracking the achievement and ROI of the value we give to our clients is one of our top priorities for growth.


We value the fast and eective adaptation to the rapid changes the landscape of digital marketing is currently going through, and aim to always oer what’s best for our clients.

Customer Devotion

We value the presence of every client walking through our doors. Ultimately, they are the ones who allow us to stay at the forefront of what’s possible, most eective and enable us to provide expertise for mutual growth.


We value the complete integrity of our team to each and every client. By being a customer-centric agency, we achieve great results by means of close communication, honesty and presenting clients with factual data and results, and oering value where appropriate.

Our Process

Our process is simple


Request A Proposal

Tell us as much about your business as possible so we can get a feel for what you wish to achieve for your business. If you leave use any competitors then even better, we can do a quick marketplace analysis to get to know your competition.

Leave us your URL so we can analyse your current website and phone number so that we can contact you to move things forward.



One of our team reviews your website & arranges a call with you to learn more about your business goals, targets and expectations.


Working Together

If we are a good fit, we will create and present a full formal proposal, to show how we can offer the most value to the growth of your business.

Why Choose Fly High Media

We Are Honest & Transparent

Often, clients come to us with a service in mind that they think they need. However, after reviewing the business’ current situation and marketplace we usually find that there is space to execute different marketing approaches. Our skills lie in discovering client needs, tailoring bespoke solutions and executing.

All project costs are stated and agreed on up front and any additional work will not be carried out on until it has been agreed. No invoice should ever be a surprise.

We Are Data Driven

Instead of making assumptions, we make informed decisions based from what the data is telling us. We will never jump to a conclusion without weighing up all of the data and using our experience to see if it is the best fit for you.

When You Hire Fly High Media - It's A Partnership

When looking to work with new clients, we insist on making it clear that we work with you, rather than for you. We always make sure that we are on the same page as you and that communication is clear. We respect and are open to your input as we want to work together for the common goal of making your business more successful through digital marketing.

Reporting Is Simple

Campaign reports will be as simple to digest as possible. There are a lot of numbers when reviewing a campaign, we do not send automated reports with all the numbers that you won’t understand. We only track the numbers that really matter such as; increase in traffic, conversions, likes and rankings.

Let's Get Started